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Who We Are

Stand In The Gap - Divine Ambassadors For Christ is an evangelistic Ministry reaching out to non-Christians with compassion and love of Jesus Christ. We believe in One God, who exists as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

What We Do

As a charity, we seek to apply an holistic approach, engaging with physical, emotional and spiritual needs of individuals and families. We work with people of all ages to encourage community cohesion, by bringing us together through a range of outreach activities and workshops. We also deliver social and religious activities and initiatives that support skills development including; Skills for life, Befriending, 1-2-1 counseling and other activities deemed necessary to support and empower communities.



We are blessed to have commited and inspiring team from various churches asTrustees and members, supporting the Ministry in all aspect. God bless you all..

Brief note about Christabel

 Yahweh the founder of Stand In The Gap-Divine Ambassadors for Christ has appointed Christabel as General Overseer.


In 1991 she accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal saviour and she experienced God's unconditional love. She is a street Pastor, Mentor, Intercessor, Counsellor, Evangelist and an Author (Answers Made Simple). She and her husband (for 40 years) a former Muslim are both Ministers of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and are International speakers in the Continent and Europe.


She provide free workshops to enable Christians on how to strategically evangelise to the unsaved especially our Muslim friends and families. Prior to that God gave her the commission to read the Quran.


In her early Christian life, she and her husband would go out and provide hot drinks and sandwiches to the homeless and visit hospitals once a month. She worked as a volunteer at Premier Christian Radio on prayer line and as a professional Counselor she had opportunities to offer counseling when requested. She persevered to express her love for God by providing her service to families, friends and the community when possible.


It is an honour and privilege to be a servant of the Most High God.  

Abundance of Gods' blessings to all.